A downloadable Perdo



Move: wasd

Look: Mouse

Flashlight [On / Off]: Mouse Button 1

Pick-up: Mouse Button 2

Jump: Space

Run: Left Shift

Crouch: C

Open/Close: F

Talk: Q


This is Perdo. Perdo is in very early stages of development. Perdo is going to be a survival horror game. We are wanting this game to lean away from the horror games where it is just jump scares and loud noises. I want this to make people scared because of a situation that could occur, or that is occurring. The Story of the game is still a work in Progress, my Writer and I are have an Idea and I think we will stick with it. I plan to update the game more and more, adding more features to the game. You will find below a log of all the updates that have happened to the game, with the most recent at the top. Please follow me on Twitter for news on the game and more! Also, I don't expect anyone to, but if you want to donate to me to help out anyway you can, here is the link to my donation site! Thanks!


V 0.15

Date: 1/2/2017

File Size: 17mb


-Added [Basic] AI

-[Basic] Building added

==Change/Fix Log==

-added radius to pick-up objects

-changed the flashlight color to yellow-while

-changed flashlight distance from 9 to 10

==Tippsy's Notes==

Hey! Happy New Year :) I look forward to lots of progress! Just a small update here. Added AI, a simple structure, and made a few changed. The AI is pretty funny, if you get to close to it, it will follow you. You can talk to the fella. Changed the tint of the flashlight to a yellow so that it looks a little more flashlight-y. I also added a radius to which you can pick up objects from. This is so that you can't pick up objects far away. Also, an even smaller change is that in a unreleased update, which added the AI, you could pick him up and toss him. The new parameters to pick things up is: Object must have a mass less than 1, Object must be tagged "Carry", and you can't already be holding an object. It is a pretty simple criteria, may change, but for now it covers all issues. As for the AI, I probably will make changes to him, how he acts and everything, he will need paths to follow.


V 0.1

date: 13/21/16


-Added terrain

-Ability to open and close doors

-fps counter UI (Temporary)


-Changed the sky to night time

-fixed the jump (Finally)

-added more force to the throw

-changed Main menu Background

-position of battery on UI


Hey everyone! I have added a bunch of stuff for level design into the game so that it will help make the go along better. The Game is no longer available in web player simply because the File is getting large. Plus I want people to experience what the game looks like. Sorry for the download, but not sorry. The opening and closing of the door function isn't something a player experiences in this release, but I have tried it out in the test world, and it is good. I released this version because I wanted to show my progress. The opening screen got a much needed background change, however the "NAW" button still doesn't work like it should. For next update, I plan to make it so that a player has a menu pop up when the user presses "ESC". The FPS counter is there for me to make sure I am not using too much memory. I am also looking into cut scenes (Or something like that) for a few small parts that will be put to use in the game. The position of the battery looks so much better, it takes up less of the screen too. Anyways, the next update might be a while because of the Holidays. So Happy Holidays everyone! Look forward to a New Year!


V 0.05 ----

date: 12/13/16


-(Hopefully)Fixed a glitched that caused the player to spin out

-added shadows to flashlight

-(Finally)Fixed the pick up function

-Throw Force is now 500

-changed the players collider to be about 0.15 larger

==Tippsy's Notes==

Well, this was great, a very satisfying update. This makes a new era now. I will for sure start working on the first level. I am so glad that I fixed the player spin out bug, I hopefully got it fixed, if not please let me know. Added the shadow to the game to make everything more real looking, might soften it up later. I finally got the pick up function all sorted out, it was just a matter of importing the right model file. I also made the players collider larger so that you can't slip through walls and see through them, I found that to be slightly annoying. So yeah! You can pick up the appropriate items now so enjoy!


----------------------------------V 0.03 -----------------------------------------------------------

date: 12/8/2016


==> Added crouching (done by doing C)


==> throwing objects (current force at 1000)


==> Looking is now fixed so you can only look 90 degrees up and down.

==> made foots steps quieter + added even quieter while crouching

==> made slight change in the walking sounds so that they are slightly further apart

==Tippsy's Notes==

This was a fun update, made me quite happy with the crouching and the main menu. The throwing mechanic will be vital for gameplay later as well as the volume of your footsteps. The main menu will be switched up later, for now it is just simple and there to you know, help I suppose. An Options button will be make available later on as well. Fixed the angles on which you could look on the y-axis so that you can't flip around anymore as in previous version. The footstep sound reduction was way needed, nobody really walks that loud, even in a old house. Thank you guys again, I will be working on the story for a bit, so the next Version may not be out for a bit. Thanks :)



------------------------V 0.02 ------------------------


==>added a HUD that displays battery power level (it is not over 9000)

==>added the ability to pick up (some) items

-smaller objects can't yet (for some reason, working on fixing that issue)


==> Changed the amount of power consumed by turning on flashlight from 3.5 to 2.5.

==> No longer can you hear your footsteps while in air

Programming notes:

Hey Guys, Tippsy here. Just wanted to update you, so far I just finished with the script that allows me to pick up objects. However it is not working for objects that I Imported through SketchUp, So I will try a different program to see if that works. I changed the amount of power usage because it seemed a little much for that high of a value. Might even make it lower in the future. We will see :)

Anyways, thanks and look forward to some level design, which will be coming up once I figure out the picking up objects. I will release that as the next version, and then the one after that should have some level design put into it.



-------------V 0.01 -------------------


-Light life of 100, decreases while on

-walking, running, jumping (Jumping is bugged)

-basic models for battery, bed, lamp, and flashlight



PerdoGame_v0.5A.exe 17 MB